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Q. Well, how do you get to know this 'Jesus', someone you cannot see? And does He really exist?

The answer is very simple... yet easily forgotten. It's all about relationship... knowing it for yourself. It will involve you making the biggest yet simplest decision of your life!

At this point NOTHING ELSE MATTERS; not what talents you can or can't do, education, religion, race, your parents, colour, culture, if you are rich, poor, not even your background and how many skeletons in the closet can change what you are about to experience.. you are about to experience unconditional love!.. no smoking mirrors or positive thinking, this is a relationship with GOD... NOTHING ELSE MATTERS!

You have a free will to choose what you like so it all comes back to YOU and and YOUR choice.
You just have to ask God to take over your life to get started.

Q. What do you have to give up?

Let me put it this way. You are asking this question because there is a part of you putting up a guard ( and that is natural and understandable as we all don't want to believe everything we read are told or is seen on TV. as that would be un-realistic, especially in this age of multi-media bombardment where everyone is after your attention and focus for some purpose).  

But what I am saying to you is that as soon as this desire is satisfied / answered or filled then the rest doesn't matter and issues just falls away by themselves.

1 John 3:3 "People clean up their own lives when they know this"

1 John 3:3 says "People clean up their own lives when they know this" Check it out - it makes sense!

Just let go of your life's controls, trust and be willing to do the things the new voice tells you to do - (this voice is God's Spirit which you are about to experience and meet). The real YOU will wake up, you will start to see things differently.

If you follow this simple rule for the rest of your life you will never fail at achieving what God has planned for you. There still will be challenges and trials in life - as your enemy (devil and his demons) will try to sidetrack and distract you to get you caught up in your life's issues so much that you forget to simply call out to Jesus for help. But you will NOW start seeing things in a different light.

Be Warned.. before you continue!

This is not a to be taken lightly; this has eternal consequences and matters hinging upon this precious moment. So determine for yourself now to go all the way or not at all. Today your life WILL change.

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