About the site

Our purpose is very simple:

It started when I was looking at the people at churches or events and noticed that at times many people were easliy distracted or even would fall asleep BUT as soon as someone stood up to give their testimony or share a story of what Jesus had done for them - they had EVERYONE'S attention... including the kids.

So this site idea was born back in 1997 with it's prime goal to:

a). be a FREE source of testimonies and experiences that encourage and inspire others.
b). be easily available for anyone can submit their story.
c). be advertising and denominational free

As you read these testimonies you will see this common theme that shows through regardless of the individuals past, age, color, race, or belief - it's all about God's Grace and unconditional Love.

Our Beginings

Testimonies.com.au was first launched in 1997 and is based in Australia. The site attracts around 12,000 hits a month around the world. We have just recently upgraded our site design and functions to cater for future translations and basically make more user-friendly and now mobile device friendly - with new stories being added constantly.

How you can help

If you would like to be a part of our vision and this site, you can find a list here.

Using this website

For best results use the main SEARCH TOPIC area at the top of the page, this will bring up ALL references to that topic in ALL our testimonies. As you can understand some of these stories can fall under more than one category or topics (the links on the right of your screen) - these are just general links where we have chosen a more dominant topic of the story.

This site was designed for current web browsers - so anyone using the old Internet Explorer or the graphics and some functions dont seem to work it's time to upgrade your browser, click here for links to upgrade your browser.

Sharing content

You CAN copy these stories and display them for FREE but NOT publish in hard copy (on paper) to be sold for profit without the written permission from the author or us. Remember these stories were freely given and so should always be freely given. Read our site policy for full details.


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