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This site is dedicated to these people that SIMPLY called on the name of JESUS in their time of need with astonishing results regardless of their background, belief, race, age or position.

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So, what is this site all about?

If you read these testimonies  or stories on this site you will see that it is full of stories of what happens when everyday people like you and me with all our faults, insecurities, failures, and past etc. call on the name of Jesus in the time of need.

Now look at all the GREAT people in the BIBLE and see their background. Amazing hey!!!!

They didn't have to get to a high point of knowledge, public speaking skills, excellence or purity etc. GOD USED THEM AS THEY WERE, and guess what?.. He still uses anyone today who are DESPERATE and whose hearts are for Him and call on His name... Jesus. regardless of their background or past.

.. He is the same yesterday, today and forever


Don't Hide your scars!

God uses you AS YOU ARE!!! - so hiding your scars only hinders how God can use you or prelongs your journey with the Lord for how God CAN USE YOU! - Your'e choice - you can take the long road or the short road!

Don't pretend to be someone you are not just because the world, religion or someone says or doesn't accept you! God loves you for who you are -scars and all- and this is how God uses you to reach and relate to those that need Him around YOU, SO GET OVER YOURSELF AND USE YOUR SCARS FOR GOD'S GLORY.

I heard it once said good - "Calm waters don't produce skilled sailors!"

I have to tell it to you straight. Somewhere along the line in your life YOU will have to choose between what the WORLD says about you or what GOD says and thinks about you! Your choice will determine your life's journey and outcome, so don't blame God if it all comes crashing down because of YOUR choices.

The very foundation of Christianity and God's Salvation is that you are saved by NOTHING YOU DO (your efforts don't cut it or come into the equation) we just accept WHAT CHRIST HAS DONE FOR US.

But you know what? It doesn't stop there!

God is still there at the blink of an eye if you call on the name of JESUS, he will show you love like you have never known. God loves you more than you can bear to think and imagine! SO MAKE THE CHOICE NOW!

Don't be gulable and just believe something because you heard it on DVD, T.V or a mate or somewhere else - DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH - remember... that is how you find treasure... by looking and digging for it.

These testimonies are eyewitness accounts to the fact that Jesus is alive throughout the world NOW and is ready to use YOU... if you are willing.

Salvation is simpler than you can imagine!

"God's wisdom saw that the world couldn't find Him through human brilliance, so He stepped in and saved ALL those who simply believe, which the world calls foolish and silly..." 1 Cor 1:20

It's THAT simple yet so powerful?

You don't have to figure out life, achieve great levels of enlightenment, discipline or be in a sweet spot in your life.  Just call on Him and he is there. Jesus has paid the price of the human race. All you have to do is to BELIEVE IT TO RECEIVE IT.

"You don't need to search the heavens to find Christ and bring him down to help you, You don't need to go among the dead to bring Christ back to life again. For salvation that comes from trusting Christ is already within easy reach of each of us; in fact it is near as our own hearts and mouths." Romans 10.6

"If you tell others with your own mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe in your own heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in his heart that a man becomes right with God..." Romans 10.9

It is that simple! if you aren't right with God then do it now here!

I hope you enjoy my site

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